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by Anonymous gave Keston Medical Practice a rating of 5 stars

Excellent, caring and understanding for 90 yer old mother

Ringing on behalf of my 90 year old mother, regarding incontinence issues, This was last week. I received a thorough and rigorous response to my enquiry, Telephone contact the same day for my mother and a home visit from the GP in a couple of days, when she was given an additional check over.she has now been referred for a specialist nurse to visit. I particularly praise the receptionist who took time to understand the whole picture and even suggested other issues that might need addressing that I had only mentioned in passing.

The following week I rang again to sort out a prescription issue and again, from a different receptionist, received what I consider to be ‘going the extra mile’ service’, huge patience and help sorting out the situation.

This good service has helped allay anxiety and worry for both my mother and myself, so thank you very much. I believe we could not wish for better service.

Visited in June 2018, Posted on 25 June 2018

by Mrs Justice gave Keston Medical Practice a rating of 5 stars

Service and GPs

Given the pressures on the GP practices I have and continue to be Impressed with my practice. Whoever I see, they are attentive and want to help. On the occasion that a GP was unsure he was honest with me and advised what he intended to investigate, which he did. I always feel like a person not a number as other friends have advised me of their surgeries elsewhere.

They reception staff have always been professional and caring, even when I have seen that they are under great pressure. I am grateful that when I needed my blood test information, they printed a copy out without major interrogation and charge - unlike others practices that I have heard of.

They are a credit to the medical profession.

Visited in June 2018, Posted on 23 June 2018

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